16101 Vetta Drive, Montverde, FL 34756

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5044 sq ft

Year Built


Lot Size

.24 acre


This Spectacular custom McNally-built five-bed, five and two half bath Parade of Homes winning home on a premium oversized corner golf lot; is located within the magnificent Tuscan-inspired Bella Collina golf resort and spa. This stunning home features a gourmet kitchen, formal living, and formal dining room, family room, and all en-suite bedrooms. A flex media/theater/game room adds a spacious option for creative interior design. The large master bedroom, oversized closets and stunning en-suite is a must-see home feature. The gourmet kitchen is equipped with Sub Zero, Wolf, and Bosch appliances. The summer kitchen includes the Alfresco and Avallon Grill and Refrigerator. This home has an abundance of large well-placed windows which allow both a well-lit bright home and spectacular views of several golf holes including the 1st green which it sits up and behind providing a grand view all the way up the 1st fairway to the magnificent Tuscan clubhouse at the top of the hill. This view also has the bonus of a direct line of rocket launches from Cape Canaveral that can be seen on clear days as well as celebratory fireworks at the acclaimed clubhouse. Stunning views throughout the home include the master bedroom and a direct view of the 6th green and fountain pond. Several more fairways and greens of the Faldo course can be observed from many viewing angles. The full-length oversized first-floor rear balcony provides some of the most beautiful scenic views in central Florida. The front of the home features an L-shaped driveway and double garages, the house has no right-side adjacent neighbor providing a splendid drive-up view from the clubhouse. The front bedroom and media rooms face south, and Disney fireworks can be clearly seen every evening to the southeast adding one of the great central Florida features to the repertoire of stunning visions this unique location provides. The large pool and spa with sun shelf offer the perfect complement to this wonderful home, natural gas fire pit, large lanai, and outdoor grill offer everything an owner could wish for in a luxury outdoor living environment. Additional features include a pre-planned elevator conversion shaft, an oversized laundry room, glass rail staircase, and several stone walls, and built-in shelf and cabinetry customizations combined with elegant ceiling features. Tri-zones air conditioning offers controlled comfort and drop-down screens on both the lanai and second-floor balcony ensure all the year-round outside living. No expense has been spared to ensure comfort and security. Ask about upgraded automation features for this home. Schedule your personal tour today.


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