Increasing Interest by Foreign Investors in Orlando Vacation Real Estate Demands Experienced Agents

KISSIMMEE, FL, November 1, 2016 —According to a survey from, in 2015, sales of homes to foreign investors were estimated at $104 billion dollars. Although foreigners purchased properties nationwide, Florida was one of four states that accounted for 50% of the international sales made. With so many potential foreign investors interested in the Florida housing market, there is an increasing need for real estate companies that specialize in the unique needs these investors have. Viva Orlando Realty, is one such company, and has been helping foreign home buyers in the Orlando market for the past 10 years by providing step-by-step guidance throughout all the intricacies of the buying process and beyond.

Casas de Viva Orlando para la ventaBridging the gap, Viva Orlando has created a full service buying process tailored to the international customer: complete with offering additional steps including extensive information and assistance in managing foreign owned homes while they’re not being occupied. “We are intimately familiar with the buying process in Florida and realize that it may be different than that of [their] home state or country,” says Milena Valle, owner of Viva Orlando, who has expertly dealt with many foreign clients over the course of her career.

“We will explain what [they] need to know in order to determine if this is the right investment [for them],” Valle said — emphasizing that many first time foreign investors are not sure what they need to know about the buying process and the subsequent rental management process, which Viva Orlando’s sister company Casa Floridian specializes in. “We will also take the time to explain the short-term rental market to include types of properties, communities, new homes, resale, and even bank-owned properties…”

Orlando new homes close to DisneyForeign clients are usually an upscale group paying around $500,000 for a house on average, which is nearly double the U.S. average house price of $256,000. In addition, the bulk of purchases by international clients were all-cash transactions. The homes foreign buyers are purchasing, however, are not their primary residences. Instead, they’re looking for worthwhile opportunities in the United States market to invest in real estate and offer their homes in the short term vacation rental market — a market that has an increasing demand due to the sharing economy and sites like AirBnB and FRBO.

There are also some other unique issues that can make the buying process unusually difficult for foreign buyers, such as language barriers and cultural differences between countries. These are problems Viva Orlando understands well. With their diverse staff, Viva Orlando can conveniently help clients speaking several different languages. Explaining cultural differences in the buying processes in the United States in customers’ native languages makes buyers more comfortable in ultimately making an informed decision to purchase a home. “We’re passionate about helping our buyers find the perfect home and we take pride in providing step-by-step guidance throughout the buying process.” Valle said.

About Viva Orlando

img_5209Viva Orlando is a family owned full service real estate company that specializes in the vacation real estate market in the greater Orlando area. They have been servicing clients all over the United States and worldwide interested in purchasing Central Florida real estate for the past ten years. They are experts in vacation real estate — but also, with their sister company Casa Floridian, a full service property management company: they’re ready to conveniently manage properties for short term vacation rentals. For more information about Viva Orlando, please visit, or contact Milena Valle directly by email: (or call 407.922.4620).